Month: August 2014

Farewell to Summer

Hello there! After a five month hiatus with blogging, I am back and inspired as ever. The past few months of Spring/Summer have been filled with nothing but lots of sun, late night chilling with friends, good food and overall, a positive vibe. Of course the feels of Lana Del Ray’s “Summertime Sadness” would be fitting for this time but hey, Fall is just around the corner and it so happens to be my next favourite season!

Last night I hosted my own Farewell to Summer party. It was a long time coming planning and getting ready for this party but it came out exactly as I envisioned it (maybe even better – with the help of amazing mom & boyfriend, Mike).

Being addicted to Pinterest, last month I started coming across boards dedicated to summer soirees and festive BBQs which only fuelled my summertime excitement, ambition and passion for planning. I kept thinking to myself when would be a good opportunity, if I was gonna even get a chance to have one or if it would even been anything close to successful. It was just an idea – something at the back of my mind, until I was chilling with one of my girl friends, Loureal, one day in July. We went to a Canadian Superstore and came across all their summer decorations and I was IN LOVE. IN-FREAKING-LOVE. I couldn’t resist and my whole being was giddy like a kid in a candy shop. I knew if I was going to buy some of these cute decors, I HAD to have a party and put it to use. And so, the hardcore planning process began.

Almost everyday since last month, I kept re-pinning other people’s pins, looking at cute DIYs, reading other bloggers tips, searching endless descriptions of “summer bbq ideas”, “outdoor party lightings”, “diy summer decor”, “outdoor party food” etc. and created my own board filled with the ideas of how I would want my own summer party to be like if I was to have one. I made several hefty bag trips to the dollar store, stayed up late making all the DIYs, had lots of stressed out rants with Mike about ALL the things (food/theme colors/decorations/set-ups… everything HAHA), – it was a mixture of what I love to do, fun, creativity and the peak of white hairs popping out to show.

This weekend it was showtime – the planning process was coming to an end and it was time to put together all my ideas that were jumbled in my head and execute them into my backyard. With the help of my selfless mother and ah-mazing boyfriend, they helped me put things into place by adding their ideas, critiques and vision as well. (I may have not taken that too lightly since I feel like I’m a control freak when it comes to things I plan and can honestly say, I was a “party-zilla” the day prior to the gathering… but they seem to still love me which I’m thankful for LOL)

Needless to say, after the many hours and days of planning, executing and releasing my control freak beast – it came out perfect. Beyond my expectations, and I, now, feel satisfied with myself and at peace that I was able to do it. It was a night filled with old friends, new friends, LOTS OF FOOD, laughter, nostalgia, vibin’ music, a positive ambiance & pure happiness. It was the perfect way to end summer for me with all my favourite people and it has made my heart melt into a humble puddle of mushy goop that I got to see them enjoy themselves and interact with each other.

So please, raise your glasses and cheers – to a great summer, my beautiful friends & all the happiness it has brought. I am looking forward to next summer and all the adventures it will bring in Future’s time and hopefully will be able to share it here as well 🙂

Until next time –

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PS: I will post all the pictures in my next blog post – COMING SOON 🙂