Farewell to Summer Part II

Happy September!!! It’s a little bit ironic to have found myself writing my part deux of “Farewell to Summer” on the first day of September but what better timing to finally let go of all that has happened this summer and finally embrace the future to come!

Like I promised before, here are some of my favourite photos from my garden party/barebeque I hosted less than two weeks ago 🙂


Two of the easiest DIYs I prepared for the party that made all the difference in the ambiance! It became one of the main focal points in my back yard (even though it was so simple) and I couldn’t be happier how it turned out. I printed the banner letters from another blogger here and punch holes on the edges. I took some twine and sewed it through the holes, thus, creating this fun little banner! For the tissue pom-pom balls, all it took was inexpensive tissue paper from the dollar store and a few Youtube tutorials (be careful, they get addicting to make!) & for the led lanterns, I found this cute babies at the dollar store. Super easy to make and all of them created such a pretty touch.

Another main focus of my party was the candy bar. I (still) loveeeee this table so much!

I had all my favourite candies (Skittles, Double Bubble gum, Cherry Blasters, Fuzzy Peaches, Coca-Cola Bottle Gummies and Gummy Worms) in mason and plastic jars – along with other party essentials like drink parasols (duhhhh), glowsticks for my guests to wear at night, bug repellent, my polaroid & film, & some tea light candles.

I created a hashtag #kaysbbq to make it easier for my friends and I to follow the event on social media 🙂

This was definitely the highlight of my garden party. The “Selfie Wall” was essentially twine hung across the bottom of my patio with my guests names hung by clothes pins. During the party, they were instructed to find their name and take a polaroid of themselves to replace it! I found this idea on Pinterest and HAD to do it! I wish I could upload how that all looked like but of course, in respect to my friends, I must keep that private. But let me tell you, there were some great polaroids that came out of it HAHA

This is a day/night shot of the colorful string paper lanterns that were hung in the garden. The color theme of #kaysbbq was floral & bright summer colors – teal, hot pink, yellow, orange & white.

10458081_10152330945244077_4455316498342287945_n 10371582_10152609489666211_3346343452522447568_n

Being so caught up with making sure everyone was okay, I didn’t get the chance to take a picture of the food table set up and all the cute little details I had like my teal ice bucket, sunset ombre’d lantern centre piece, the table clothes and of course, all the yummy food! (REGRETS!!!!) But there was barbeque, burgers, smokies, fruit kebabs, chips & dip, pizza, my dad’s special fruit punch, red velvet cake with brownie bits and my friends kindly brought veggie platters, more meat and more chips to contribute 🙂

Loureal and her mom kindly made some beautiful chocolate cupcakes with detailed teal icing which matched the theme to a tee. I was so honoured to have had these made just for my party! They were also freaking delicious!!!


Just because BBQs scream out “finger foods”, I thought I would make some super cute tags for my plastic cutlery to add a little oomph and color.


I found these cute little tags from another blogger of “Eat Drink Chic” 🙂 Soooo cute!


Here are some more photos 🙂



Some of the guys playing Cards Against Humanity 🙂

Me with my candy bar trying to set up the music HAHA. My #ootd consisted of a creme floral lace top from H&M & a black and white daisy skirt also from H&M. (**Also, I had paper straws on this table that wasn’t in the picture above earlier because it was moved beside to the punch dispenser.)


One of my favorite polaroids of the evening – with Alyssa & Elizer (missing Angelo to complete!!!)

10628282_10152330945729077_9126599985105187026_nMike (the bf), Mark (one of my long time friends) and the red velvet #kaysbbq cake 🙂

I find such a deep level of happiness when I see the people I love having a good time and being in the moment with each other and I find it very humbling to know that my party was able to do that. I enjoy planning things and taking the time to find the little details that makes all the difference even if it is so simple 🙂 It’s actually been quite awhile since I’ve planned anything to this extent and it has made me nothing but excited for the next opportunity I get to host.

So again, thank you to all my beautiful friends who came out to enjoy the evening, Mike and my mama who selflessly dedicated their time and effort to help out and to the summer that got me good. I hope you enjoyed these photos and had a great summer!

I wish you all the best this upcoming season – time to start new!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.39.14 PM




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