☀ BOLD LIPS: MAC Lipstick Edition ☀

My love and obsession with lipsticks has tremendously grown over the past year – in fact, there’s only a few occasions I can think of when I’m not sporting some kind of lippy (anyone who knows me well could agree to that)! It is my favourite kind of makeup product and personally for me, putting on some colourful lipstick can really pull a whole outfit together. Bold statement lips are one of my favourite things all year round but I’m even more excited to rock them for Spring because of the many bright hues of pink, red, oranges, and purples out there!

Seriously. I. Am. OBSESSED.

Throughout the year, I have hoarded different lipstick brands which has led me to narrow them down into their respective collections so I may shine a glorious spotlight on all the products. So this post is dedicated to MAC. I’ve only recently jumped onto the MAC bandwagon but boy, am I hooked. Even though I don’t have a huge MAC lipstick collection like other makeup enthusiasts out there, I’m proud of the ones I own and I make sure to use ALL of them religiously. They have a creamy texture, are highly pigmented, long lasting and smell like vanilla goodness & a little goes a long way with these babies. It’s hard not to love them! The colours I will for sure be pulling out and using more for Spring are Candy Yum Yum, Ruby Woo, Please Me, Coral Bliss and Heroine (which I have yet to get!)

Without further ado, below are my well loved (as you can see the state of them) go-to lipsticks & my favourite MAC Pro Palette that I got from my friends Alyssa and Alison last Christmas. I hope you guys enjoy! Happy Thursday, loves! 🙂
Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.39.14 PM




collage 1 redo

Talk That That [Retro Matte], Rebel [Satin], Diva [Matte], Ruby Woo [Matte], All Fired Up [Matte], Candy Yum Yum [Matte], Please Me [Matte], Coral Bliss [Cremesheen]: Retails for $16 each. Swatches below.


pro swatch

Twig [Satin]/Captive [Satin], Verve [Satin]/Amorous [Satin], Hang Up [Cremesheen]/Cyber [Satin]: Retails for $40 each.



Spring Forward

I am a firm believer that everything happens for a reason so I’m glad that my craving to start a blog has fallen in the time of my favourite season: SPRING.

I’ve been loving a lot of things this season in the realm of makeup, fashion, and new adventures and I am excited to share all the jumbled thoughts swimming in my head in my upcoming posts! As this is my first blog post, I’ll start off with some of the things I am looking forward to this Spring season –

♥ bold lips
♥ peachy & rose gold cheeks
♥ beach waved x fishtail braided x messy bun hair
♥ pastel nail polishes: mint green, tiffany blue, coral pinks, soft yellows
 sunny days & warmer weather (especially in the city I live in, which is notorious for rain!)
♥ bountiful amount of flowers (PEONIES ARE THE BEST)
♥ flower crowns x twist tie headbands
♥ skater skirts x muscle tees x light knit cardigans
♥ sun hats
♥ over sized sunglasses
♥ denim button ups & jackets
♥ flip flops & sandals
♥ patio lunches & dinner dates (Bellini’s & ice cream included!)
♥ late night drives & trips out of town with family, friends and bf
♥ my birthday
+ many more!

I will be uploading posts as regularly as I can throughout every week! I look forward to seeing how my creativity will grow during Spring 2014 (and the time after that) and I hope you will enjoy the journey with me! Until next time!

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 11.39.14 PM